Monday, 15 June 2015


All is ever so quiet down the long winding lane, the whispers have been can that be?

What has happened to Thyme Cottage and the strange inhabitants who dwell there?

Is anyone home, or has all been forgotten once again?  

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

All is quiet, or is it?

All is quiet down that long long road that time had forgotten.  Not even the trees were whispering, perhaps lulled to sleep by the gentle music that had been drifting out from Thyme Cottage. 

Perhaps the faint sound of ticking could be heard, but only if one listened very carefully.

Suddenly the Lady for the house heard a noise. What could it be she wondered?

For so long there had been silence and nothing happening and now all was awakening...

It seems a young lad had discovered the long forgotten road and venturing down it had then discovered the long forgotten cottage...however, unlike before when it would have been passed by in a blink of an eye, not warranting any notice almost 'hidden' by neglect, it was noticed.  Curiosity got the better of George (for that was his name)  and he went to have a closer look.

Unlike many before him, he saw something that intrigued him and pulled him closer...the whispers had started again and drew him in.

He had a look through the window...and was startled to see inside...the house did indeed look lived in.  A warm and inviting atmosphere prevailed, even though there was just a glimpse of what might be.

The whispers draw him to walk round to the door..

...where he is met by the Lady of the house who invites him in.

There is no fear in this lad, who venturing down the long forgotten road to the long forgotten house finds himself going inside, or is he drawn inside by the whispers?  Nobody knows...or do they?  The pull is something he can't quite describe.

All seems friendly enough, and the Lady makes him feel welcome.

She introduces him to her husband, Albert Singer, the Gentleman of the house and leaves them chatting.

She has a purpose now, even more than she did before, but something is pulling her, ideas an thoughts are swirling around inside her head, those whispers making themselves heard.

She starts to decorate the tree that until now had just been standing bare.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Arrival

Down the long forgotten road an event is about to happen...

The lady of the house is admiring the Christmas tree when all of a sudden she hears something...

Could it be?  She wonders.  She listens carefully and there it is again.  The whispers had been getting louder of late and she had been wondering...did she really hear?

A knocking at the door?  She did indeed.

She doesn't know it yet, but their is a gentleman standing at the door.

The lady rushes downstairs...and opens the door.

To her surprise and much delight the Whispers have bought home her dear husband!

In her rush she doesn't realise her apron strings have blown up into her face.  But the gentleman doesn't fact he probably doesn't even notice as he gives his lady wife a hug.

The lady rushes to the dresser to get him a cup...

They sit down for a cup of tea and a chat about all that has been going on down that long forgotten road in the long forgotten cottage, that was never forgotten by them.

A short while later, his hat is sitting on the sideboard...

...and music is coming from the grand piano.

The whispers in the trees have grown softer again, almost as if they are listening...

Sunday, 1 December 2013


The whispers are gathering momentum down that long forgotten lane and Thyme Cottage is springing into life.  The lady of the house has been busy preparing...

....dusting and polishing the furniture...

...getting everything just right.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Is that music we hear?

Although the day might be cold and dreary outside and the wind is whispering through the trees down that long forgotten lane, it is warm and bright in the living room of Thyme Cottage.  Although still quite alone, or so it seems, the lady seems quite content and is sitting down relaxing.

If you listen carefully music can be heard...and then there is silence...

...before music can be heard again.

She seems very relaxed sitting there perhaps dreaming of long forgotten times in that long forgotten place.

To all appearances the seemingly abandoned cottage down that long forgotten road is no long abandoned, it is becoming homely with that lived in essence that speaks.

But only if you listen and look carefully.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A sunny day down that long forgotten road...

Down that long long forgotten road, all the way to the end where we find Thyme Cottage, it is bright and sunny and the windows have been thrown open to let in the sunshine.  There are no whispers today, all is silent and yet there is something different, something is definitely happening from within.

If we take a peep inside we can see...

...that things aren't quite as forgotten as they used to be. 

No longer does this long forgotten cottage seem completely neglected and forlorn, but rather it seems a home is emerging just as the whispers promised. 

If we venture in further still looking through the downstairs window, ever so quietly...

...we see a table set for one...

...but hang on a minute...surely there are two who live in this cottage?  The whispers hear you ask.

Perhaps they are not ready yet to reveal all of the secrets.

Or is there a sadder story to be told?

Only if we listen carefully will all unfold.

The lady of the house is washing at the sink.

It seems that she has been busy.

Busy preparing...

Sunday, 24 November 2013


There is much cleaning still continuing in Thyme Cottage and the lady of the house is continually busy.

If you listen carefully you can here the sound of singing coming from the cottage.